• 試題題型【寫作】
Instructions: 建議你在30分鐘內,根據下面所給的題目和提綱用英語寫出一篇不少于80詞的短文。
2.娛樂方式豐富多彩, 而我最喜歡的是……
My Favorite Form of Entertainment
  • 參考答案:My Favorite Form of EntertainmentJust as lots of young people take to pop music, I love basketball. It’s part of my life. I began to play basketball in my childhood. I still remember the good old days when I played with my classmates after school. Later on, as I grew up, almost everything changed, but this sport - playing basketball remained and my love of it grew even stronger.I love this sport because it brings joys and health to my life. When I get tired from office work, I go to the sports ground and I will feel refreshed. It is basketball that keeps me in good shape and mood.