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    A child who has once been pleased with a tale likes, as rule, to have it retold in identically the same words, but this should not lead parents to treat printed fairy stories as sacred texts. It is always much better to tell a story than read it out of a book, and, if a parent can produce what, in the actual circumstances of the time and the individual child, is an improvement on the printed text, so much the better.

  A charge made against fairy tales is that they harm the child by frightening him or arousing his sadistic impulses. To prove the latter, one would have to show in a controlled experiment that children who have read fairy stories were more often guilty of cruelty than those who had not. Aggressive, destructive, sadistic impulses every child has and, on the whole, their symbolic verbal discharge seems to be rather a safety valve than an incitement to overt action. As to fears, there are, I think, well-authenticated cases of children being dangerously terrified by some fairy stories. Often, however, this arises from the child having heard the story once. Familiarity with the story by repetition turns the pain of fear into the pleasure of a fear faced and mastered.

a视频在线视频观看日本   There are also people who object to fairy stories on the grounds that they are not objectively true, that giants, witches, two-headed dragons, magic carpets, etc., do not exist; and that, instead of indulging his fantasies in fairy tales, the child should be taught how to adapt to reality by studying history and mechanics. I find such people, I must confess, so unsympathetic and peculiar that I do not know how to argue with them. If their case were sound, the world should be full of madmen attempting to fly from New York to Philadelphia on a broomstick or covering a telephone with kisses in the belief that it was their enchanted girl friend.

  No fairy story ever claimed to be a description of the external world and no sane child had ever believed that it was.

1.[單選題]In the writer's opinion to rid children of fears, fairy stories should be.  
  • A.told only once 
  • B.repeated many times 
  • C.told in a realistic setting 
  • D.presented vividly
  • 解題思路:在第二段倒數第一、二句中作者解釋了孩子們恐懼的原因,并講述了消除這種恐懼的方法,即“by repetition”。
2.[單選題]According to the passage, which of the following statement is not true about fairy stories?  
  • A.If children indulged his fantasies in fairy tales instead of being  taught how to adapt to reality by studying history and mechanics the world should be full of madman.   
  • B.Children can often be greatly terrified when the fairy story is heard for the first time.   
  • C.Fairy tales may beneficially direct children's aggressive, destructive and sadistic impulses.  
  • D.Fairy tales are no more than stories about imaginary figures with magical powers which has nothing to do with external world.
  • 解題思路:A項的內容不是作者的觀點,而是作者在末段要批判的觀點。而且作者對童話是持肯定態度的,A項內容顯然是一種否定態度,因而是錯誤的。故答案為A。
3.[單選題]According to the passage, some people who are openly against fairy tales argue that ________.  
  • A.fairy tales are harmful to children in that they show the primitive cruelty in children?  
  • B.fairy tales are harmful to children unless they have been adapted by their parent 
  • C.fairy tales increase a tendency to sadism in children?  
  • D.children who have read fairy stories pay little attention to the study of history and mechanics
  • 解題思路:文中第二段第一句中的“arousing his sadistic impulses”即是答案所在,這里指的就是“喚起暴虐的欲望”。
4.[單選題] In the writer's opinion, fairy stories . 
  • A.have a very bad effect on children  
  • B.have advantages in cultivating children's imagniativity  
  • C.help children to come to terms with fears 
  • D.harm children greatly
  • 解題思路:答案也在第二段倒數第一句中,作者說多次重復一個故事會把恐懼的痛苦變為面對恐懼并戰勝它的一種快樂。所以C中的幫助孩子接受恐懼最為合適。
5.[單選題]In the writer's opinion, a fairy tale_______. 
  • A.cannot be read to children without variation because they find no pleasure in it  
  • B.will be more effective if it is adapted by parents  
  • C.must be made easy so that children can read it on their own 
  • D.is no longer needed in developing children's power of memory
  • 解題思路:答案可從第一段第二句中推出。“produce what, in the actual circumstances of the time and the individual child, is an improvement on the printed text”指的就是對童話加以改編。
  • 參考答案:B,A,C,C,B