• 試題題型【寫作 Section B】
For this part , you are required to write a composition of about 120 words. Study the following argument between A and B and tell the reader what your views are on this argument.
A: I think money is everything. With money I can buy what I want and that make me happy . The more money I have, the happier I will be.
B: You are wrong . In my opinion, money is the root of all evils. The more money you have , the more misery it would bring to you. Money—Source of Happiness or Root of Evil ?
  • 參考答案:    Money-Source of Happiness or Root of Evil ? Some people think that money is the source of happiness . Once they have money, they will have everything . With money, they can afford all kinds of entertainment . Then, they will live a comfortable life and feel happy . No wonder many people, like A, believe that money is everything, even happiness .
        But others think that money is the root of evil . Out of the lust for money, people will do various kinds of evil things, such as stealing, robbing or even murder . Money can easily change a kind, honest person into a cruel , cunning one . On the other hand, wealthy people are worried all the time that they will lose their money or be killed for their money . They are sometimes too busy or worried to enjoy life.
        In my opinion, both of the above-mentioned viewpoints are partially right. Money itself is neither good nor evil. It all depends on how we look at it . We can not deny its importance in our modern society . Meanwhile , we should not ignore the fact that something can not be bought with money, such as friendship, true love and so on.