• 試題題型【閱讀理解】

    It is up to the parents which type of education they choose for their children. A father from China has a son. The son is only five years old. The father is very strict with him. People call his father "Eagle (J{£) Dad" because he likes "Eagle Education". This kind of education is very hard. It says that a child can exercise his body and mind only under hard conditions. He tells his son to do many difficult things.

  The things are not easy for the son. The father once made his son go outside to exercise when it was -13°C. The son has to do other things,too. The son flew with a plane at 1,000 feet (305 meters) without any help. It is amazing,but it is not normal (正常的).

1.[單選題]The man is called "Eagle Dad" because ______.
  • A.his father likes eagles very much
  • B.people like eagles very much
  • C.people like "Eagle Education" very much
  • D.he likes "Eagle Education" very much
  • 解題思路:由第一段第五句“People call his father ‘Eagle (J{£) Dad’ because he likes ‘Eagle Education’.”可知人們叫他“鷹爸”是因為他喜歡鷹式教育,故選D。
2.[單選題]The man has a ______ son.
  • A.three-year-old
  • B.five-year-old
  • C.ten-year-old
  • D.thirteen-year-old
  • 解題思路:由第一段第三句“The son is only five years old.”可知他的兒子是五歲,故選B。
3.[單選題]Which of the following is NOT true according to the passage?
  • A.The man is not strict with his son.
  • B.The son must exercise when it is cold.
  • C.The man asks his son to do hard things.
  • D.The man thinks" Eagle Education" can exercise body and mind.
  • 解題思路:由第一段第四句“The father is very strict with him.”可知他對他的兒子很嚴格,所以A選項錯誤,故選A。
4.[單選題]The "Eagle Education" is ______.
  • A.easy  
  • B.difficult
  • C.important
  • D.boring
  • 解題思路:由第一段第六句“This kind of education is very hard.”可知這種教育很難,故選B。
5.[單選題]What is true about the boy's flight?
  • A.The flight is very normal.
  • B.The flight isn't amazing.
  • C.It can fly to 1,000 feet.
  • D.Someone helps him.
  • 解題思路:由第二段第四句“The son flew with a plane at 1,000 feet (305 meters) without any help.”可知飛機可以飛到1000英尺高,故選C。
  • 參考答案:D,B,A,B,C