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    Job hunting is never easy, but what if data could be used to make the process a little less stressful?Companies such as Linkedln and Monster.com hold vast amounts of information on people's professional lives, but there is one organization that surpasses them all: the federal government.Although rich and comprehensive, government labor data can often be hard to access, bound by red tape and cloaked in jargon. 
    "With today's technologies, we can do a lot more to build open dam sets for skills," said Aneesh Chopra, the White House's first chief technology officer and founder of Arlington-based start-up Hunch Analytics.During his tenure, Chopra's role involved making government dam more accessible.It's a mission he has continued after his departure, assembling a band of public officials, tech entrepreneurs and think-tank analysts whose focus is firmly on the labor market. 
    A robust economic recovery tempered by flat wages has reinforced the need to connect Americans with higher-paying technology jobs, according to the White House.That was the rationale behind the President's new initiative, announced last week, to train and hire Americans for more than 500,000 unfilled information teclmology jobs through partnerships with local communities. 
    "There's not a standard, real-time, modem way to identify all the skills our economy needs in play today.Worlfforce and talent planners have a daunting job in ensuring they have a 'ready-now' workforce, so the more dam they can get, the better informed they are." said Leighanne Levensaler, senior vice president of products at Workday, a human resources software company that was involved in the project. 
    The closest thing to a standard national database is the Labor Department's Occupational Information Network Website, known as O * Net.Built in the 1990s, the site compiles dam on more than 900 occupations, with details about job skills, average compensation and a search tool to find jobs by state.But although the site is continually updated, it has been slow to keep pace with the changing job market, according to Chopra and Levensaler. 
A push to modernize O * Net is the group's next big undertaking.The President's 2016 budget proposal includes a $ 5 million request to study and test approaches "to modernize and potentially streamline dam collection" for O * Net. The measure seeks to provide " up-to-date coverage of occupations and skills, particularly for high-growth,  changing industries."  Chopra convened a roundtable of government officials, academics and private-sector executives last month to discuss measures to improve O * Net.Workday and LinkedIn are among the companies interested in the effort-- which is still at a conceptual stage, Chopra said. 
    To open-dam advocates such as Chopra, there's no better time to harness the power of information for the economy."No one company, no matter how amazing they are, has the capacity to get every employer in America to open up their skills data for every job posting," he said."The government has the capacity to convene stakeholders to open up the dam." 
1.[單選題]In the last paragraph, Chopra emphasizes
  • A.the importance of information technology
  • B.the government's role as an organizer
  • C.the necessity of opening up job database
  • D.the limitation of all information companies
  • 解題思路:由題干中的last paragraph定位到最后一段最后兩句。定位句指出,任何一個公司都沒有能力將全部的職業需求信息加以整合,只有政府有能力將所有的利益相關者聚集起來。可見,喬布拉強調的是政府作為組織者的作用.故答案為B.。A.“信息技術的重要性”,文中是說喬布拉強調對信息技術的利用,而其目的仍然是整合政府數據庫,因此信息技術的重要性不是強調的重點,故排除;C.“開放職業數據庫的必要性”,開放數據庫是喬布拉的努力方向,但最后一段主要是強調政府在此事上的作用,故排除;D.“所有信息公司的局限性”,根據句間關系,喬布拉所講的重點是最后一句,而不是信息公司的局限性,故排除。
2.[單選題]In what respect is the company database inferior to that of federal government?
  • A.Amplitude.
  • B.Accessibility.
  • C.Integrity.
  • D.Authority.
  • 解題思路:事實細節題。第二段首句明確指出,像領英和Monster.com這樣的公司掌握著人們大量的職業生涯信息,但是還有一個機構超過所有這些公司:聯邦政府。可見,公司數據庫是在豐富性方面不及聯邦政府數據庫,故答案為A.。B.“可及性”,這一點在第二段第二句提到過,但作者指出,恰恰是在可及性方面聯邦政府數據庫不及公司數據庫,故排除;C.“完整性”,作者雖然在該段中提到了政府數據庫的完整性,但并沒有在這方面將兩種數據庫加以比較,故排除;D.“權威性”,文中沒有提及這一點,故排除。
3.[單選題]We can infer from the passage that O*Net
  • A.functions as a standard national database
  • B.tries to compile the change of job data
  • C.gets fmancial support from the government
  • D.attracts companies into the update project
  • 解題思路:由題干中的0*Net定位到第六段最后一句。定位句指出,0*Net目前還跟不上勞動力市場的變化情況,而政府有意采取措施改進,目的就是使其能夠及時涵蓋行業與技能信息:可見,0*Net努力要整合職業數據,故答案為B.。A.“發揮著全國標準數據庫的作用”,文章第六段第一句提到,0*Net是最接近于全國標準數據庫的網站.可見,它暫時還不具備這個功能,故排除;C.“從政府獲得財政支持”.文章第七段第二句提到,2016年總統預算有財政支持的意向,但現在還沒有實施.故排除;D.“吸引公司加入升級項目”,第七段最后一句雖然提到有公司對這個項目感興趣,但還只停留在概念層面,可見并沒有加入,故排除。
4.[單選題]The passage implies that Aneesh Chopra
  • A.serves as the White House's chief technology officer
  • B.sets up a company on the basis of government dam
  • C.sticks to the improvement of government dam sets
  • D.hires a group of experts on behalf of the government
  • 解題思路:推理判斷題。定位段指出,安尼什·喬布拉在擔任白宮首席技術官期間就想要讓政府數據庫更具有可及性,而在其任期結束后,他仍然把這件事視為己任。可見,他一直致力于改進政府數據庫,故答案為C.。A.“擔任白宮首席技術官”,第三段首句提到,他是第一位白宮首席技術官,第1句又明確提到,他已經離任了,故排除;B.“在政府數據庫基礎上建立了一個公司”,第1段首句提到,他是漢馳分析公司的創始人,但并沒有說該公司是在政府數據庫的基礎上建立的,故排除;D.“代表政府雇用一群專家”,第三段第三句雖然講到他聚集了一些專家,但是既沒有提到存在雇用關系,也沒有說是代表政府召集的,故排除。
5.[單選題]Which of the following statements would Leighanne be most likely to agree with?
  • A.The government should issue information about higher-paying vacancies.
  • B.It is impossible to include all kinds of professional skills in database.
  • C.Workforce should be prepared at any time for jobs in great need.
  • D.More information helps planners to connect workforce with positions.
  • 解題思路:根據題干中的Leighanne定位到第五段第二句:Workforce and talent planners have adaunting job in ensuring they have a‘ready—now’workforce,SO the more data they can get,thebetter informed they are.定位句指出,勞務與人才規劃者們肩負著令人生畏的任務,他們要確保町以擁有“隨時準備著的”人力資源。所以,他們得到的數據越多,就越能獲得更多的信息。而對于勞動力做好準備的具體意思還可回溯到第四段首句,即將適合的勞動力與崗位聯系起來。可見,Leighanne認為充分的數據可以幫助規劃者將勞動力與崗位聯系起來,故答案為D.。A.“政府應該發布高薪崗位的信息”,雖然第四段強調了聯系勞動力與高薪崗位的重要性,但Leighanne并沒有提出要求政府發布這方面的信息,故排除;B.“在數據庫中囊括所有門類的職業技能是不可能的”,該句是對第五段首句的曲解,原文提到識別當今經濟所需的全部技能并沒有一個標準的、實時的和現代的辦法,但這并不意味著這個目標是不可實現的,故排除;C.“勞動力應該隨時為稀缺崗位做好準備”,確保勞動力滿足崗位需求是規劃者的責任,而不是強調勞動者本身的準備,故排除。
  • 參考答案:B,A,B,C,D