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a视频在线视频观看日本    文房四寶(Four Treasures of the Study)是中國書法傳統書寫工具的統稱,包括筆、墨、紙、硯(inkstone)。“文房”指的是學者的書房。除了這四寶,書房里的工具還有筆筒、筆架、墨盒、腕托、筆洗、墨塊(inkpad),這些都是書房必備品。唐宋是書法的繁榮時期,當時著名的生廠商制造的經典文房四寶被后世學者高度贊揚。中國傳統文化及藝術的發明和發展與文房四寶密切相關。在某種程度上,文房四寶代表了中國傳統文化的重要元素。

  • 參考答案:

      The Four Treasures of the Study,is a general name of the traditional writing tools of Chinese calligraphy, including writing brush, ink, paper and inkstone. The name of Wenfang refers to a scholar's study. Besides these four treasures, tools used in the study also include brush pots, brush rack,ink box, wrist-rest, brush washer and inkpad, all of which are necessities of the study. Classical products of the Four Treasures of the Study made by famous producers during the Tang and Song Dynasties, when styles of writing were very prosperous, were highly praised by later scholars.The invention and development of China's traditional culture and art are closely related to the Four Treasures of the Study.And to some extent,the Four Treasures of the Study represents an important element of traditional Chinese culture.

  • 解題思路:

    1.“文房”指的是:其中“指的是”譯為refer to。“文房”用漢語拼音Wenfang表示即可。
    2.除了…還有:此處可用besides或in addition to表達,而不用except,因為except表示“除去不計,不包括…在內”。 
    3.經典:可譯為classical。classical products意為“經典產品”。
    4.和…密切相關:可譯為be closely related to…
    5.在某種程度上:可譯為短語to some extent或in some degree。