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    Fifteen years ago, I entered the Boston Globe, which was a temple to me then. It wasn’t easy getting hired. But once you were there, I found, you were in.

  Globe jobs were for life-guaranteed until retirement. For 15 years I had prospered there — moving from an ordinary reporter to foreign correspondent and finally to senior editor. I would have a lifetime of security is I struck with it. Instead, I had made a decision to leave. I entered my boss’s office. Would he rage? I wondered. He had a famous temper. “Matt, we have to have a talk,” I began awkwardly. “I came to the Globe when I was twenty-four. Now I’m forty. There’s a lot I want to do in life. I’m resigning.” “To another paper?” he asked. I reached into my coat pocket, but didn’t say anything. I handed him a letter that explained everything. It said that I was leaving to start a new media company. We were at a rare turning point in history. I wanted to be directly engaged in the change. “I’m glad for you,” he said, quite out of my expectation. “I just came from a board of directors meeting and it was seventy-five percent discouraging news. Some of that we can deal with. But much of it we can’t, ” he went on. “I wish you all the luck in the world,” he concluded. “And if it doesn’t work out, remember, your star is always high here.”

  Then I went out of his office, walking through the newsroom for more good-byes. Everybody was saying congratulations. Everybody — even though I’d be risking all on an unfamiliar venture: all the financial security I had carefully built up.

  Later, I had a final talk with Bill Taylor, chairman and publisher of the Boston Globe. He had turned the Globe into a billion-dollar property. “I’m resigning, Bill, ”I said. He listened while I gave him the story. He wasn’t looking angry or dismayed either. After a pause, he said, “Golly, I wish I were in your shoes.”

1.[單選題]When the writer decided to resign the Globe was faced with _______.
  • A.a trouble with its staff members
  • B. a shortage of qualified reporters
  • C.an unfavorable business situation
  • D.an uncontrollable business situation
  • 解題思路:第二段提到“老板說從董事會那里得到的75%的消息都是壞消息”從而推斷,報社商業處境艱難。
2.[單選題] From the passage we know that the Globe is a famous _______.
  • A. newspaper
  • B.magazine
  • C.temple
  • D.church
  • 解題思路:第二段老板提到“是不是到另一家報紙去”根據此推測這是一家報社。
3.[單選題]If the writer stayed with the Globe _________.
  • A.he would be able to realize his lifetime dreams.
  • B.he would let his long-cherished dreams fade away.
  • C.he would never have to worry about his future life.
  • D.he would never be allowed to develop his ambitions.
  • 解題思路:第二段提到“假如留下,會有生活保障”從而推斷若不離開未來生活無憂。
4.[單選題]By “:I wish I were in your shoes.” (in the last paragraph) Bill Taylor meant that _______.
  • A.the writer was to fail.
  • B.the writer was stupid
  • C.he would do the same if possible
  • D.he would reject the writer’s request
  • 解題思路:be in one's shoes 為“處于某人的地位”文中指老板贊同作者的看法,表示假如他處于和作者相同的情況,他自己也會做出相同的事。
5.[單選題]The writer wanted to resign because _________.
  • A.he had serious trouble with his boss.
  • B. he got underpaid at his job for the Globe.
  • C.he wanted to be engaged in the new media industry.
  • D. he had found a better paid job in a publishing house.
  • 解題思路: 第二段提到“我要離開公司去開一家新傳媒公司”
  • 參考答案:C,A,C,C,C